Charities of the Month

Alsip Home & Nursery Register Round Ups Give a Little Help a Lot

Alsip Home & Nursery spotlights local non-profits and charity organizations by gathering round-up donations at our registers each month. Check back often to learn about local charities in the Northwest Indiana and greater Chicagoland area's that Alsip Home & Nursery is teaming up to help!

November Charities of the Month

St. John

1st-15th: St. Jude House is a safe emergency shelter and provider of services for victims of domestic violence and their dependent children. We provide housing, advocacy and compassionate assistance. Through educational programs we work to teach others to recognize the cycle of domestic violence, to empower them to break that cycle and to offer support and follow-up. In the spirit of the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago, we at St. Jude House are committed to offering love and hope in a healing and caring environment to each person that seeks shelter and/or services regardless of creed, gender, race or national origin. Learn More


16th-30th: Sojourner Truth House is a village of hope that empowers women and their children. Providing meals, safe housing, & more. Since 1997 Sojourner Truth House has been a haven for countless women. From our start, we have envisioned a safe and secure home for every woman in Gary and Northwest Indiana. Every day we are working towards this goal. Learn More


1st-15th: The Disabled Patriot Fund was formed in 2004 by a group of area business people and local officials who came together because of a common interest ~ to help disabled American veterans who have fought in the War on Terrorism. As our mission statement explains, our common goal is to “Provide assistance for local U.S. veterans and their families adversely affected by their military service”. Learn More

16th-30th: The Frankfort community continues to provide for the needs of our citizens. Each month families of Frankfort Township are given assistance throught he generosity of your donations. It is through these donations that we can provide food and gift cards for these families. Learn More


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